Policy General Statement

This policy defines the time frame available for students to make changes to their class schedule. Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the policies, deadlines, and procedures contained in the Course Catalog. Students may receive credit only for those courses for which they are properly registered and will assume academic and financial responsibility for any course for which they register unless they officially cancel registration according to the established deadlines.



Adding Courses.  Courses may be added through the end of the second Saturday session during the semester. Courses added after the official registration period are subject to class availability and class size restrictions. To add a course, submit an updated Registration Form with all courses you intend to attend. Registration forms are available at Administration Office. Students are responsible for full payment of added course(s).

Dropping Courses. Courses may be dropped through the end of the second Saturday session during the semester. Students will not be obligated for tuition and certain fees for courses dropped within the above specified time frame. Students may notify the administrative office of their intention to drop or withdraw from a course in any manner; however, we request that students submit an email to: qcharles@yournlt.com in order to ensure that all the necessary information has been received.

Withdrawal from Courses. Withdrawal from a course means that a student registered for the course and did not take action to drop the course AFTER the drop/add deadline. Non-attendance is considered a withdrawal. The student’s transcript will display “W” grade for any course withdrawn. If an instructor administratively withdrawals a student from the class AFTER the Add/Drop deadline, the transcript will reflect “WA” grade. Students are responsible for full payment of all courses that have not been dropped AFTER the Add/Drop deadline.


Academic Scholarships

Students receiving academic scholarships must contact the TABI Administration Office PRIOR to dropping a course or withdrawing from a course to determine the impact on the student’s financial payment for the semester.



Charges for tuition and fees, are due on or before the add/drop date of each semester. Students eligible to receive institutional or outside scholarships, grants, or loans must contact both their sponsor and the Institute’s financial office to ensure payments are applied to their account by the deadline. Student’s enrollments are considered complete when all charges and fees are fully satisfied. A student’s schedule is viable for cancellation at the sole discretion of the Institute if an account is unpaid. In the event that funds are not fully processed or returned due to insufficient funds, after the add/drop date will result in the cancellation of a student’s schedule. A student who fails to meet and satisfy financial obligations will not be recognized as a matriculated student.

The institute encourages and holds the student responsible for auditing the payment information recorded on account and billing statements. Billing information is accessible through Gradelink and is administered prior to the start of each term, prior to the add/drop period, and post the add/drop period. TampaABI holds all student’s responsible for account balances. In addition, students are responsible for ensuring all outside or internal resources ie. (Scholarships, Grants, Loans) are applied to accounts as requested. Students will be subjected to the revocation of services such as issuance of official transcripts and diploma or registration accessibility, should there be any outstanding debts owed to the Institute.

Payments may be made via Gradelink, during class sessions, and at the Administration office (Monday – Friday 1:30-5:30, and after services).


Reinstatement Fee

To ensure the integrity of academic records (official transcripts), avoid tuition charges being fully applied or fee’s being assessed, and in order to remain compliant with policies in place, students must officially withdraw or drop courses with the Administration Office by the designated deadline. (see registration policies for more information) In the event a student does not follow the proper withdrawal protocol, he or she is subjected to the cancellation of their schedule and can be reinstated under the approval of the TABI administration and once approved to be reinstated, must pay a reinstatement fee of $25.  If funds have been collected from a student and that student properly withdraws from a course within the allotted time frame, he or she is eligible for a refund or having funds applied to the following term. However, if a student is dropped from a term or courses, due to the student’s inability to meet the add/drop period or for academic related purposes, any funds collected are automatically credited to the following term, student will be attending.



Students may be eligible for a refund due to an overage in payments that exceed the charges on their student account. However, we offer the opportunity to have any possible excess funds on a student’s account, applied to the semester immediately following.